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Aikido Westchester NY:

The Martial Art of Peace

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Still Mind Aikido Westchester NY:

The Martial Art of Peace

Still Mind Aikido Westchester NY

Martial Art of Peace

Women's Self Defense Classes: Westchester NY

Kim Gold
  • Get in Shape
  • Burn Off Calories
  • Learn Something New and Interesting
  • Explore Self Defense Topics
Self Defense - Fitness Class

Steve Kanney & Kim Gold team up to teach an Aiki-based self-defense program to introduce women to the concepts and ideas involved in self-protection.

Class begins with health-based stretching and 30 minutes of exercise to build up arms, legs, core and cardio vascular conditioning. The conditioning builds skills used in self-defense.

The curriculum of the class begins with the underlying theory and goals of the class. The focus then turns to learning to fall, escapes from attacks and techniques to apply afterwards, and understanding the weaknesses of the human body. Finally, there is some exposure to wrestling groundwork and multiple attacks.

The course operates in a sequence of 10 classes. One can start at the beginning or join anywhere along the way. To complete the curriculum, one should take all 10 classes, even if out of order. In addition, to keep fitness momentum you are invited to take 1 free Aikido class/week at any time slot for each of the 10 weeks.

The benefits of the program are to provoke thought in developing a healthy attitude towards self defense through exposure to basic skills and methods of training. More solid self defense skills are beyond the scope of this class as they are developed through ongoing training to the point where one can respond reflexively to any threat.

Cost: $120 for 10 classes self defense + 10 Aikido classes (1 class/week); Sliding scale based upon income

Sign up for the class - when we have 5 students we will schedule the time