Aikido Westchester NY:

The Martial Art of Peace

Aikido Westchester NY

Martial Art of Peace

Aikido Westchester NY: Schedule - Cost

New Year Specials 1 Month Classes any program $25
Adult Specials* 4 Class $25, then... Details (?)
Women's Self Defense* 50% Off: Details (?)
*Specials Apply to New Students Only
Call (914) 648-0492 for specifics on all specials


Ongoing Dues

Family Pricing


Quick Snapshot: Adult Aikido (?) Kids Aikido (?) Other Classes (?)

Regular Dues

Annual Fee - All Members $10/year payable first January or first day of practice
Adults $100/month - all classes included
Kids 6-12 $70/month - all classes included
Kids 4-5 $70/month - 2 class/week available
Special Needs $80/month - 1 class/week
Teens 13+ $75/month - all classes included
Family Discount 50% off regular pricing after first adult or second child
Work Exchange Those in need may inquire
Private Lessons $85/hour
Women's Self Defense $20/week - (see program details)
Mindful Weight Loss $10/session donation