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The first step is to find the best martial art for you. This section provides information for Westchester residents. Our facility, however, only provides instruction in the martial arts of Aikido through Aikido Westchester NY and Tai Chi through Still Mind Tai Chi Westchester. We are located on the outskirts of White Plains with a separate parking facility to make travel from Yonkers, New Rochelle and the Bronx convenient.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Training Westchester NY

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) originated with the challenge offered by the Gracie Jujitsu system to take on any challenger in a very limited rules setting. Martial arts practitioners took advantage of the opportunity to test their skills against other systems. In Westchester, training for competitions can be harsh, and the MMA competitions themselves are dangerous. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is in fact an excellent way to learn and grow in martial arts. Unfortunately, MMA is overrun by practitioners with little genuine understanding of martial arts training and thus often deviates from the original and fundamental purpose of mixed martial arts (MMA). The underlying attributes of MMA training will depend upon the specific styles an individual employs, but one might consider the emphasis on training in destructive technique initially and the exercise tends to be aerobic.

MMA Techniques
MMA Grappling
mixed martial arts grappling white plainsr mixed martial arts grappling white plainsr

Randy Couture Grapples and Defeats
Boxing Champion Tonney
MMA Striking
mixed martial arts westchester mma mixed martial arts westchester mma

Anderson Silva Emphasize Striking
MMA Classes: Westchester Availability

Some people use the term MMA as a proxy for all martial arts. However, MMA refers to a specific type of competition only. To learn about martial arts in general, one must look to the individual arts, for example as described on this website. In Westchester County, MMA is of limited availability. Often times searching for the popular martial arts employed, such as Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, etc. may yield results. Generally the White Plains area and southern Westchester regions such as Yonkers and New Rochelle may be best.