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Practice in the Era of Covid: Stress Reduction and Exercise Improves Health/Immune Response

Come watch one of our classes first. Our general policies for adults and children:

Progams - Aikido (Adult - Kids) & Tai Chi
  • Space
    Adult Aikido 1/5 Aiki Sword
  • Space
    Adult Aikido 2/5 Blending
  • Space
    Adult Aikido 3/5 Defense vs. 3
  • Space
    Adult Aikido 4/5 Cut Person in Front
  • Space
    Adult Aikido 5/5 Cut Person Behind
  • Space
    Tai Chi 1/3
  • Space
    Tai Chi 2/3
  • Space
    Tai Chi 3/3
  • Outdoor classes should maintain a distance of 6-10’ or more.
  • No one is expected or required to be any closer.
  • Masks are encouraged, but can present problems during exercise. So greater distance must be maintained without a mask.
  • Significant aerobic exercise does take place with children, but not as much with adults.
  • Anaerobic exercise takes place with both adults and children, but breathing is normal.
  • Consideration for heat given in degree of exercise.
  • Zoom classes are available as well.

Visit our Covid Class Center for Location and Schedule Updates

Use our Space

In the current environment, many martial arts and yoga organizations are experiencing financial distress and facing the prospect of permanent closure. As a nonprofit dedicated to supporting these practices in our area, we would like to do whatever we can to help others continue their efforts. We are therefore willing to discuss arrangements to support your practices. Please contact us to inquire.

Still Mind Aikido Westchester NY
398 S Central Ave
Scarsdale, NY 10583
  • Peaceful Meditative Space
  • Low Traffic Area
  • Free on Site Parking
  • Reasonable Fees for Like Minded Disciplines


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