Morehei Ueshiba

Founder of Aikido

Aikido Founder

Morehei Ueshiba

Selected Poems

Aikido Founder training his son
Founder Trains Son

Morehei Ueshiba was one of the greatest martial artists in the world. He founded Aikido as a way to bring peace to the world in the wake of the atomic bombs used during World War II

He trained many students first in Tokyo, and then in Iwama to ventured across the world to spread the art.

Morihiro Saito was his top student in Iwama and later took over his dojo. It is in his lineage that we train.

"No voice can be heard,
no heart can be seen;
follow the divine
and there will be nothing
to ask of the gods."

"The penetrating brilliance of a sword
wielded by a follower of the Way
strikes at the evil enemy
lurking deep within
one's own body and soul."

"I let the deluded enemy
attack my form
but instantly
I stand behind him
and cut down the foe."

Cultivate this virtue
and realize
the profound truth that
the manifest and hidden are one"

"Even when called out
by a single foe
remain on guard
for you are always surrounded
by a host of enemies

--from his 1938 book "Budo"