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Testing & Preparation

Testing & Preparation

Upcoming Exams

Upcoming Adult Exams

These are targeted dates for testing. Adequate preparation is a requirement to test. For kyu ranks, please consult with instructor to determine which of the two dates given below are more appropriate.

There is a $5 test fee due for kyu ranks prior to the exam.

Adult Testing Criteria

Review videos on this page and library resources for test techniques.

Rank 6/5/23 or 8/5/23 9/11/23
Shodan Bozidar, Peter, Andras
1st Kyu Arshak
2nd Kyu Sofia
3rd Kyu Allistair, Spencer, Don*
4th Kyu
5th Kyu Ting, Erin*
6th Kyu Leo*, Joseph P*

*Potentially June test date

Children eligible to test: Must have adequate preparation incClass

Date: Jun 5 to Jun 11 2023 (the first class your child attends during this week)

Fees: certificate = $5; only for new belt (not a stripe to current belt) = $5

Exam requirements

Rank Belt 6/5/23 to 6/11/23 Exam
1st kyu red 1
2nd kyu red
3rd kyu purple 2
4th kyu purple 1
5th kyu blue 1 Tess
6th kyu blue
7th kyu green 1
8th kyu green Deniz, Colin
9th kyu orange 1 Martel, Oliver, Gavin, Kyle, Dylan, Leon, Daniel
10th kyu orange Claire, Grant, Rhyse, Fynn
11th kyu yellow 2
12th kyu yellow 1
14th kyu yellow

Reference Materials

Adult Testing Criteria

Childrens Testing Criteria

Jo Suburi Names

Test Videos

Be sure to visit library study page for Morihiro Saito's Takemusu Aikido and Traditional Aikido series volumes 1 - 5